Happy Thanksgiving Greetings Messages 2015

May you enjoy a plentiful feast of good food, family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am thankful for you and what you bring to my life. Happy Thanksgiving.


Surround yourself with all you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


Gobble Gobble! Happy Turkey Day!

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Enjoy your day of thanks!


Give thanks and celebrate! Happy Thanksgiving!


May the Thanksgiving holiday bring you good things in abundance that stay with you all year long.


May this Thanksgiving be a bountiful one in feast, friends, family and fun


May your blessings be many and your sorrows be few this Thanksgiving


Hem your blessings with gratitude so they don’t unravel

May the love and warmth you feel this Thanksgiving be spread to those around you


Wishing you a joyous Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday Season!


Thankful are we for the blessings bestowed on us this Thanksgiving


Stuff your turkey with love, laughter and joy this Thanksgiving!


A moment of thanks for all that you do

May you receive blessings for the whole year through


It’s time for Turkey, this much is true

It’s also time to say how much we appreciate you!

Happy Thanksgiving from the ones who love you best

May the season bring you joy and all the best


Thanksgiving Greetings to you and yours

May you be surrounded by goodwill this season and more!


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